Dates  Details



September 27

Chapter Meeting
Program: The Colonial Kitchen; Speaker Donna Derrick

 October 25

Chapter Meeting
Program: Luiseño Chapter 50th Anniversary; Speaker Beverly Roberson Moncrieff, State Regent

 November 22

Chapter Meeting
Program: Veteran’s Recognition - “Bring a Vet to Lunch”

 December 20

 Chapter Meeting

Program: Colonial Christmas; Speaker Jeannette Shiel


 January 24

Chapter Meeting
Program: The Magic of Genealogy; Speaker Laurice Johnson

 February 28

Chapter Meeting
Program: Thomas Jefferson; Speaker Cynthia Reed

 March 28

Chapter Meeting
Program: Ordinary Women Who Did Extraordinary Things; Speakers Jill Scott and Doris Stein 

 April 25

Chapter Meeting
Program: Hats, Bonnets, Chapeaus; An Interactive Program

 May 23

Chapter Meeting
Program: Salute to our Flag; Luiseño Chapter Members

Please contact Regent Bonnie Hayosh for specific locations or more information.